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Flagstone in Youngstown, NY

flagstone in Youngstown, NY is becoming an increasingly popular stone to use when landscaping the home. You can use it for walkways and patios giving your outdoor decor a charming look. But what exactly is flagstone in Youngstown, NY? Here are the facts!

Flagstone is a beautiful flat stone made from sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rock is made up of "sediment" which is small bits of other rocks, sand, mud, pepples etc. Over long periods of time this sediment becomes glued together and forms a hard surface stone. Flagstone is made like this; basically it is a sandstone formed mainly from sand particles, felspar, quartz and cemented with silica and/or calcium. flagstone in Youngstown, NY. Flagstone is often confused with slate but slate is a metamorphic rock made from clay or volcanic rock.

Flagstone comes in a variety of colour combinations this feature makes it quite popular. It is also very durable as an installation and because it is formed in nature, it is very tough! Depending on where and how it was formed the colours can widely vary. The most common of the flagstone in Youngstown, NY colours are beige, dark brown, pink and peach. It is not uncommon to find gold, white and even green or blue flagstone in Youngstown, NY.

There is a wide variety of uses for flagstone but it is most commonly used for patios and walkways. It is naturally slip proof and also quite beautiful. This makes it a perfect material for outdoor surfaces.

Laying flagstone in Youngstown, NY for a patio or walkway is not that difficult and if done correctly can last a lifetime!

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